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As a child, I was completely mesmerized by my mother's ​collection of art books and prints. The masterpieces within ​seemed like pure magic, utterly unattainable. It was hard to ​imagine that real people were capable of creating such awe-​inspiring works. As I entered my teenage years and felt the ​pressure to choose a career path, I realized nothing else could ​bring me the same level of fulfilment as embarking on a ​journey that once seemed impossible: the pursuit of creating ​art myself. Born: 2001.07.18


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I offer commissios via my Ko-fi page

Commissions can vary in price depending on the amount ​of detail and work that goes into the painting.

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Cover art/design

I have discovered that creating book covers is a true passion of mine. Ever since I became engrossed in the world of literature, I found myself obsessing over the beautiful covers that adorned the books I read.

I love bringing my clients' creative ideas to life and transforming them into beautiful paintings. It's a rewarding process that allows me to combine my love for literature with my artistic skills, resulting in covers that capture the essence of the stories they represent. Creating book covers is a true passion that allows me to contribute to the enchantment of books.

Past commissions

Process Timeline


After discussing the order details \ I will begin working on a sketch. From there on I'll send you updates so we can work out the best possible work!

In Process

During this stage, I will focus on establishing the overall shapes of the painting and gradually refine it by adding more details.

Last touch up

Once the drawing is complete, please take your time to review it and let me know if any retouching is required. Please note that major changes may require additional charges.

I will provide you with regular updates to ensure that the painting embodies your vision. I highly value your feedback, both positive and constructive, as it helps me refine the illustration and ensure it meets your expectations. Your input is greatly appreciated throughout the process.

The duration of commissions can vary, typically ranging from 7 days to a month. The timeline depends on factors such as the speed of our communication and the volume of commissions I am working on concurrently.

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